Women’s Equality Day

Be proactive about your healthWomen’s Equality Day is celebrated this month on August 26th. It is the day we commemorate the anniversary of the 19th Amendment and women’s constitutional right to vote in the U.S. Since its inception in 1973, women’s equality has spread so much further than voting. The right to healthcare designed explicitly for women, and the right to safe, effective treatment options.

Taking Care of Yourself with a Well-Woman Exam

Your annual well-woman exam is essential. It’s a fundamental part of preventative care. Several vital assessments take place during this visit, including a health check, a physical exam, and health screenings.

Here are some important reasons to make this a part of your plans every year.

  • Preventive care helps your gynecologist assess your overall health, evaluate you for risk factors for certain diseases, and educate you about a healthy lifestyle.
  • Most annual exams include screening at various intervals during your reproductive years and beyond:
  • It provides an opportunity to discuss and assess your reproductive health needs to reassess your birth control options, discuss preconception planning or the symptoms of menopause.

Prioritizing Your Health with Clinical Research Studies

Women haven’t always been included in clinical research studies. In the past and currently, treatment plans have been based on data from males for many medications. This has compromised the safety and effectiveness of several medications for women. As more women participate in clinical research studies, more therapies become safer.

Participating in women’s health research studies helps improve healthcare for future generations of women and allows participants to prioritize their healthcare. You can learn more about your condition, allowing you to better care for yourself in the future. You may also gain access to potential new therapies not available to the public that could potentially be more effective than currently available options.

Don't fear the abnormal papsmear

Honor Women’s Equality Day in a way that’s right for you. Set up your annual exam, register to vote, or join a study today! To learn more about the studies we have enrolling nowhere at Women’s Health Care Research, call us at (858) 505-8672 or visit our website.