National Senior Citizens Day and Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis can make aging feel more rapidApproximately 14.1 million Americans aged 50 or older have osteoporosis, which causes the bones to become weak and brittle. On August 21st, National Senior Citizens Day celebrates the contributions of seniors 60 or older and reinforces their historical roles in our communities. It also highlights issues predominately affecting them, such as osteoporosis. Now more than ever, seniors are staying active longer thanks to advances in medicine and technology. As we continue advancing towards new options for osteoporosis, we inch ever closer to reducing the impact on the lives of patients living with it.

Osteoporosis is Becoming More Prevalent.

As the senior population increases, so too does the prevalence of osteoporosis. The major complication of osteoporosis is the bones become more fragile and thus fracture easier. Osteoporotic bone breaks typically occur in the hip, spine, or wrist. However, other bones can fracture or break too. In addition to causing permanent pain, it often leads to a stooped or hunched posture if the spine’s bones are affected.

Osteoporosis may limit mobility, which often leads to feelings of isolation and depression in patients. 20% of seniors die within a year from complications of breaking their hip, and many others require long-term nursing care.

National Senior Citizens Day

Seniors have a wealth of knowledge, skill, and experience. They offer a lot to the next generation as these are the people who’ve experienced each step of change. Each is a pioneer of science, medicine, civil rights, and more. Their valuable contributions cultivate better places to live. For National Senior Citizens Day, you can honor the seniors in your life by spending time with them.

You can also volunteer at a retirement home and brighten someone’s day who may otherwise not get a visitor. Share your activities on social media with the hashtag #SeniorCitizensDay. Additionally, seniors can join in the celebrations by taking advantage of any promotions or discounts occurring at the businesses in their area.

Strong bones are beautiful. Osteoporosis studies are now enrolling

Potential new options for osteoporosis are currently being evaluated in clinical research studies. Women’s Health Care Research is seeking participants to join enrolling studies for females with osteoporosis. You can help change the future of osteoporosis by becoming a clinical research study participant. To learn more, call us at (858) 505-8672 or visit our website today!