Make 2021 the Year for Research

Woman smiling, make 2021 the year for research, volunteersGiving back during these uncertain times is such a freeing experience and one that your health will thank you for. While there are many opportunities to volunteer, clinical research studies are a way to make a lasting impact and improve future generations’ healthcare. 2021 promises to be another critical year for medical advancements. Get involved today and make 2021 the year for participating in clinical research studies.

How Research Helps Women

Clinical research studies help determine if a new treatment, device, or therapeutic approach is safe and effective. Research studies require all types of women. That includes those needing birth control, going through menopause, have PCOS, and more. It’s simple. Women’s bodies function differently than men’s and have different needs as well. If women don’t participate in research studies, it puts us at risk for more side effects, lack of effectiveness, and possible overdose.

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Women with gender-specific diseases help tell a story that no one else can. This information leads to developing improved ways to diagnose, treat, and prevent these illnesses when they join a study.

More Than Gender Diversity

When research data includes women of all ages, races, and backgrounds, treatments designed for them are safer and more effective. Illnesses and women’s issues affect varying populations differently, with minority and lower-income areas being affected the most. All of these differences go into forming a treatment plan specific to the women taking it.

Healthy women and those impacted by the illness being studied are all needed to participate in studies. Healthy participants help determine dosage and safety, while those with specific diseases help define safety and effectiveness.

Join a Study with Us!

Women’s Healthcare Research Group is driven by the promise of ensuring no woman is without adequate treatment for the many conditions we face during our lifetimes. As women, we are uniquely different in gender as a whole and as individuals. This is the influence behind the continual search for improved ways to detect and manage women’s health issues.

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Join a study with us today. Current opportunities include hot flashes, birth control, yeast infections, and more. To learn how you can get involved, visit our study listing page on our website, or call (858) 505-8672.