3 Reasons to Consider Joining a Birth Control Study

Not sure a birth control trial is right for you?Contraception has evolved from taboo beginnings to the ever-expanding options we have today. Even with long-acting, short-acting pills, and rings, there is no single “best” method that’s right for every woman. Choosing the birth control that’s right for you and your partner depends on many things and can change over time. Birth control research studies provide participants with many short-term and long-term benefits. Here are 3 of the top reasons to consider joining a birth control study.

1. You Can Help Expand Contraceptive Options for Future Generations of Women.

Advancing medicine is always the goal of clinical research studies. To match the growing diversities of women, continued expansion of contraceptive options must press on. For instance, some women may want birth control they don’t have to take every day. Some may prefer non-hormonal methods or cannot tolerate them.

Help improve birth control options for future women

Participating in research is a way to personally impact options for future generations of women. Without study volunteers, potential new ways to detect, treat, and prevent medical conditions would never make it to the public.

2. You Get the Chance to Try a Method Not Available to You Otherwise.

Sometimes the costs are out of reach, or a type of birth control isn’t covered by insurance. Or your current method isn’t meeting your needs. These are a few parameters limiting a woman’s options that are out of her control. Research studies typically don’t require you to have insurance or pay for anything.

As a result, the barriers preventing women from trying out a method are removed. More importantly, they can do so under the close supervision of study medical staff.

3. You Help Increase Our Knowledge of Current Options and Uncover Additional Benefits.

Research studies don’t always involve a new therapy or birth control type. Some serve to evaluate options already on the market. Other observational studies help in gathering data regarding the impact contraception has on various factors.

Examples include:

  • Ways to improve contraception access for women
  • Long-term effects of continuous and extended use of hormonal birth control
  • How contraception influences the social and economic roles of women
There are many benefits from birth control. What are your reasons?

When you choose a method of birth control, it typically involves some trial and error to see whether it will work well for you. The more choices we have, the better women can figure out what works best for them. If any of these reasons resonated with you, maybe it’s time to consider joining a birth control study here at Women’s Health Care Research.

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