No matter what your holiday traditions are, most strive to find the perfect way to give that end of the year thank you for their loved ones. Here at Women’s Health Care Research, we are passionate about advancing women’s healthcare through clinical research studies. The volunteers who participate in these studies provide a gift for future generations of women. Their legacy of improved healthcare is a timeless contribution that never stops giving.

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Women in Research

Not so long ago, women were considered a “protected population,” and their participation was banned in clinical research studies. What this meant at the time was that treatment plans were derived from data that only males were a part of. The problem with this was that women’s bodies function much different than men, and therefore process and respond to therapies differently. There are health conditions that affect women more than men, so thankfully, it was recognized women needed to be included.

Clinical research studies help us learn more about the inner workings of a woman’s body. New therapies can be designed to improve how we detect, manage, treat, and prevent various conditions. Still, none of these advancements are possible without volunteers participating in research studies. Women of all ages and races who have specific conditions and also those that are healthy are all needed.

Many Strides Made, Still More to Go

We’ve come a long way in recent decades, but there is still more work to do in the name of women. Recently, Agile Therapeutics commercially launched its contraceptive patch called Twirla. Twirla is a patch that is replaced weekly during specific weeks in your cycle to prevent pregnancy. It offers a more flexible approach than some of its daily counterparts. Exploring different birth control methods is just one of the many women’s health areas clinical research studies are focusing on. Here at Women’s Health Care Research, we are looking for participants to join studies for yeast infections, hot flashes, and birth control.

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The holidays leave no shortage of ways to give back to your community. Volunteering in a women’s health clinical research study may be an option for you. Qualified participants may gain access to new options not available to the public and be reimbursed for time and travel while receiving study-related care from our expert staff. To learn more about our current options, visit our currently enrolling studies page or call (858) 505-8672.