All medications and treatments available today would not exist if not for clinical trials. The smallest of interventions like antifungal cream to lifesaving cancer treatments all went through clinical trials. These things are possible because of clinical trials, and the volunteers who participated in them. As Thanksgiving approaches, we wanted to take some time to share some of the many reasons we should all be thankful for clinical trials.

How Research Advances Medicine

Have you ever been prescribed something that had little to no effect? Have you gone without effective treatment because you weren’t able to take what’s currently available? These examples are just a few of the many reasons clinical trials are needed.

Clinical trials test the safety and effectiveness of new medications, treatments, or devices. Until a cure is found, the goal is to provide treatments that slow the progression or effectively manage a condition. Research is strictly regulated by the FDA, with the safety of volunteers the top priority. A new treatment spends years in the lab and organic material testing in pre-clinical research. However, there is no better way to investigate the effectiveness and safety of a new treatment, than to see how people respond to it. Volunteers through clinical trials help determine the dosage, administration route (oral, injection, etc.), safety, and effectiveness of these treatments.

Personal Benefits

Clinical trials wouldn’t be possible without volunteers. Other than the pride you feel knowing you helped a new treatment become available to the public, the benefits of participating may be different for everyone. Below are a few examples:

  • New Treatment Access– These treatments may have fewer side effects and be more effective than current ones.
  • Regular Medical Care– Whether or not you have insurance, you will receive close monitoring and careful attention from the trial doctor.
  • Taking an Active Role in Your Health– Participants gain more knowledge about their condition, helping them feel more in control because they are taking an active role in their health.
  • Time and Travel Reimbursements– Most sites provide incentives for participating by reimbursing volunteers for the time and travel at regular intervals during the study.

Is Participating in Research for You?

We’ve covered why research is essential and even some of the benefits. The decision on whether to participate is personal and should involve exploration on your end. is an excellent resource with more trial information in easy to read terms.

At Women’s Health Care Research, we are thankful for our patients who have participated in our clinical trials. Your participation has made it possible for the market approval of numerous women’s health treatments. If you have decided to participate, we would love to hear from you. Our currently enrolling studies include endometriosis, hot flashes, stress urinary incontinence, yeast infections, and more. To learn more about all of our enrolling studies, or to speak with our team regarding any questions about volunteering, call 858-505-8672 or click here.