You might be here because you’re thinking about birth control options. Maybe you have been on birth control before and are browsing other ones out there. Maybe you are experiencing painful periods. Or maybe you have decided right now is a good time to get on birth control. Whatever your reasoning may be, you have options!

Birth Control Isn’t a One Size Fits All

Every woman is different and when it comes to birth control, choosing the right one for you is really important. There are a few things to think about when choosing a birth control method.

  • Do you have health conditions?
  • Does your period affect your daily living?
  • Do you plan to have kids? If so, when?
  • How often do you have sex?
  • How well does the birth control method work?
  • Are there any side effects?
  • What does your day-to-day schedule look like?
  • Will you use your birth control properly?

Birth Control Maintenance

Look at your lifestyle. The type of birth control you choose should be convenient for your schedule and your lifestyle. Here are some common birth control options and the maintenance required for each type.

  • Birth Control Pills: Take Every Day
  • Birth Control Patch: Replace on a Schedul
  • Birth Control Shot: Shot Required Every Three Months
  • IUD: Minimal Maintenance
  • Birth Control Implant: Minimal Maintenance
  • Birth Control Ring/Nuvaring: Minimal Maintenance

If you’re willing to remember to maintain your birth control and use it properly, then the pill, shot, or patch can be good options to consider. If you want an option with little to no maintenance required, an IUD or implant may be right for you.

Speak With a Physician

Consult with a health care professional on birth control options best for you. Research birth control option that you are interested in or that seems like a fit for you.

Birth Control Research Studies

Women’s Health Care Research is seeking women to participate in research studies to evaluate the efficiency and safety of an IUD contraceptive. Qualified participants will receive study-related medical attention at no cost and be compensated for time and travel!

APPLY HERE:!/study/32