Living for the weekend just to be stuck in bed with endometriosis pain? Weekends are about indulging in your favorite restaurant desserts, bowling with friends, beach barbeques, and so much more! When you struggle with endometriosis, the symptoms may often time interfere with your weekend plans. So how can you still manage a social life with endometriosis? Read on, ladies.

Your Circle

Endometriosis can have a huge impact on your social life and overall way of living. It doesn’t mean that it should stop you from doing the things you love. Letting those close to you know of the condition can help them better understand your symptoms and how it can impact your body.

Sometimes you might have to cancel plans, and that’s okay!

Your Symptoms

Symptoms of endometriosis can differ from person to person. These symptoms can include chronic pelvic pain during and before periods, pain during sex, pain during bowel movements, bloating, and heavy bleeding. If you’re hoping to find some relief before heading out for the weekend, ACOG states that pain relievers and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs may help with symptoms. Heating pads or a hot bath may also help alleviate these symptoms. Consult with your doctor to find the best treatment for you.

Your Life

Although endometriosis can have a serious impact on your life, there are ways to cope. Communicating with others about your condition can help them understand what you’re going through. Consult with a health care professional on alternative treatment options best for you.

In addition, there are tons of ways to get involved in awareness opportunities, walks, and other events with women who have been impacted by endometriosis. Here’s a list of events + involvement opportunities!

Future of Medicine

To further understand the causes and potential new treatments for endometriosis, physicians at Women’s Health Care Research are conducting clinical studies and are seeking volunteers to evaluate new investigational medications. Qualified candidates who participate will receive study-related care at no cost and receive compensation for travel. To learn more, click HERE!