After countless doctor visits, I was finally diagnosed with endometriosis. Through that time, I experienced pelvic pain that left me bedridden, heavy periods, missed work, and missed important life events. The pain was real for me, even if others couldn’t understand what I was going through. After all these doctors’ visits, I was left with hardly any answers about my condition. I needed to better understand what was going on.

After reading so many stories and doing my own research, I came across an opportunity to participate in endometriosis clinical research. These are a few reasons behind my decision and why you may consider it for yourself.

Contribution to research

There are still so many unknowns about endometriosis. Getting involved in a clinical research study allows the opportunity to advance medicine. Participating brings doctors that much closer to finding new treatment options for women just like myself. It feels good knowing that women can benefit from this research and hopefully one day there will be other treatments.

Doctors appointments

Seriously, one thing I hated about scheduling appointments was the waiting period. Getting a visit would take weeks and sometimes months. With a clinical research study, I was able to see a board-certified physician and received one-on-one medical care without a lengthy waiting period.

Access to medications

Oftentimes, clinical trials compare an investigational medication/treatment to one that is already on the market (and FDA approved). As a volunteer, you may receive the standard care of treatment at no cost to you during your participation in a clinical trial. You may also help to test the investigational medication/treatment which may be beneficial for you.

No insurance needed

Medical care is expensive, even with good health insurance. In a clinical trial, you don’t have to have insurance to participate. Often times you may be compensated for your time or travel.

No obligation

Every bit of the study is completely voluntary, which means you can stop your participation at any time. No contracts, no fees, no obligations.

Volunteering for a clinical research study can help you to better understand your condition without the waiting period or costs associated with medical appointments. Your participation can provide insight for doctors who are searching for new medical treatments. YOU can bring hope to women who are going through the same thing you are.

Find out how you can get involved in an endometriosis clinical study. Apply HERE.