Clinical trials are surrounded by countless myths and misconceptions. Speaking of them can even be considered a taboo in many social circles. Clinical trials carry the stigmas of using humans as guinea pigs and forcing people to endure procedures that they do not want to perform!

That is not the case. Their main goal is to explore the safety and effectiveness of a medical strategy, treatment or device in a safe and controlled environment. All clinical trials follow guidelines and are monitored by different entities to ensure all patients are treated ethically.

Here are 5 reasons why you should participate in a clinical trial:

  1. You don’t need insurance
    The lack of insurance coverage and the costs could be preventing you to seek medical care. Clinical trials do not require you to have insurance to participate. Most trials will compensate you for your time and travel while enrolled in a study.
  2. You won’t have to wait months for an appointment
    If you’ve ever tried to make an appointment with a specialist, you know it can take months for them to see you. And sometimes, you may not be able to afford a two-month wait to receive a treatment or diagnosis. Participating in a clinical trial will allow you to receive study-related care and medication by a board-certified physician at no cost.
  3. It’s completely voluntary
    Choosing to volunteer is completely up to you. The research staff will walk you through the whole research study process and inform you of any possible risks, benefits, and guidelines associated with the study. Once you’re enrolled in the study, you can withdraw your participation at any time.
  4. You may have access to new treatment options
    Clinical trials will help you gain a better understanding of your condition and may even give you access to possible new treatment options not yet available to the public. These new and innovative medicines and treatments will be provided to the research volunteers at no cost.
  5. You are helping others
    Your participation will give researchers valuable insights on the effectiveness of a certain treatment or device. Volunteering for a clinical trial will benefit you and bring hope to those who are affected by the same condition.

Volunteering for a clinical trial shouldn’t be scary. Women’s Health Care Research is seeking volunteers for a variety of conditions to participate in clinical trials. Those that qualify will receive study-related care and medication at no cost by a board-certified gynecologist and may have access to possible new treatment options. Compensation is available for those that qualify. Click the button below to explore our currently enrolling research studies.

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